Hogan has been extremely helpful in helping me obtain my goals. His personalized workouts and meal coaching have been a huge lifesaver and a great source of motivation. I wouldn’t be where I am today fitness-wise without Hogan and Driven.

Erik Trudeau


"The feedback from a real coach helps me feel like I’m
getting the most out of every workout. I feel confident in knowing I have a program that is thought out
and created with a purpose, keeping me engaged and motivated."

Jeff Icenogle


Andrew Sullivan

Driven Athletic Performance has motivated and challenged me in every workout to achieve quick quality results. Hogan (the owner) is extremely knowledgeable and provides the best workout regimens that target my select choice of goals whether it be to lose fat, gain muscle, injury recovery, increase cardio endurance, improve flexibility, and/or increase strength…he knows all of the tricks to the trade to get me where I want to be in a short time frame while reducing stress and improving performance of injured body areas. I signed up for the top tailor made workout plan offered on the Driven Workout app, and can honestly say it is worth every penny. If you apply yourself there is no better investment to make for your body and overall health.


I can’t say enough good things about Driven and Hogan. They take everything in to account and offer support and encouragement. They have helped me recover from 2 pregnancies and a surgery. Both with workouts and nutrition advice. I think at 40 I’m probably the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been.

Elysia Phelps


As a former athlete I was looking to get my body back on track and push to be a better version of myself. Since working with Hogan I have the tools to be successful, I have become more mindful with my nutrition and am challenging myself in the gym. I'm excited to see the continued progress I'll have while working with Hogan and Driven Athletic Performance.

Ryan Swarts


Driven empowered me to get to my highschool weight and I have never felt better. Even when I slip up they are always there with new workouts, more nutrition advice, and best of all more encouragement. I can’t say enough the service they provide, if you’ve never checked it out you really ought to!

Dave Corriea


"My weight was 159.5 this morning! I've been 163 for months! I was 180 when I started at DAP. I'm psyched to have crossed the 20 lb mark - thank you!

Marci Kennan


Sue Oliver

In the past few months at home, I have gained strength, lost several inches, increase my confidence, and have seen my hard work payoff! I owe this to DAP! I’m in the best physical shape that I have been in in over 10 years. I’m enjoying celebrating my successes and overcoming my past challenges! Thank you DAP!! The support, the positive encouragement, and the commitment to helping meet my goals has been appreciated more than I could ever express! You have my trust and loyalty! You’ve helped me get back to me, and I will forever be grateful! (And yes… there are tears of gratitude in my eyes.)


"I have a good attitude towards the gym again"

Ben Julius


first and foremost, the owner Hogan Pollier is very knowledgeable and patient with the variety of clients in the program. Hogan's programs are the result of not only his knowledge and experience, but also his thoughtfulness regarding his clients' abilities and disabilities. The program is well rounded to include personalized nutritional counseling if desired. Check it out, you will not be disappointed!

Sandra DeMarco


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