Ten 2020 Takeaways

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

What a difference a year can make.

Raise your hand if you predicted 2020 would turn out to be so… 2020ish

This year has reshaped my entire life.

My family. My home. My business.

This year has left some scars.

As tempting as it may be to dwell on the negative, I 100% know and understand that God is ALWAYS good. If it ever appears as though He is NOT good, it is my vision that is flawed, not His character.

There are always lessons to be learned during trials. Big and small.

This article is a summary of my own takeaways from the year, a result of me taking some time to adjust my “vision”. Don’t worry… I’ve limited it to 20 …and then chopped it down to 10.


There’s always an opportunity

Closing the door on my facility wasn’t easy.

When doors are closed, it’s easy to stay fixated and angry on what was lost. However, closed doors also present great opportunities. If you can solve a problem, you can discover an open door. Netflix, Uber, and Blue Apron are all examples of opportunities created from problems.

I’m thankful for the opportunities that have arisen following the decision to close.

A workers appetite works for him; his mouth urges him on (Proverbs 16:26)

I 100% won’t pretend that we didn’t benefit from helping hands this year. Family, friends, and our church all played a vital role in keeping us afloat during some of our most challenging times. But by no means was this a kick back and relax year. Nothing lights a fire under your rear like being in a situation where it’s do or die. A good way to force yourself outside of your comfort zone is by giving yourself no other option. 2020 gave us no other option.

Contentment never comes from money, status, or things

You spend all your time chasing things, have it all disappear and then realize it was dumb of you to spend so much time chasing those things. We had our own house full of stuff, then sold it and threw away half the stuff. It felt kinda good actually;

Thank you 2020.

I still hate you.

Our sedentary lifestyles are a bigger problem than I thought

I knew this. But having the ability to be on my feet all day and demonstrating technique at my old facility kept me from fully grasping the issue.

Even if working out a few times a week, we are still sedentary people.

We can’t compartmentalize physical activity. Three hours a week at the gym isn’t enough to offset the remaining 165 hours we spend sitting or lying down. It needs to be a lifestyle thing.

Even if you’re skinny.

Unplugging is necessary

Disconnect from the news, social media, TV, movies, phones etc. Take a break. Turn it all off from 8pm-8am, maybe even longer on the weekends.

Figure a way to take breaks, for the benefit of yourself and everyone around you.

Mobility / Restorative work is important.

Especially if you’re an active person. Also especially if you’re not an active person.

Read more

I haven’t read this many books since my middle school accelerated reading days. I’m talking real books too, not spark notes.

2020 has been a humbling year. It’s forced me to become a student again. The unfortunate reality once you start learning new things is that you also learn you have a lot more to learn.

Good thing 2020 also taught me to unplug and free up some time.

Fitness doesn’t need to be perfect

It doesn’t need to be complicated. It doesn’t need to be so strict. It can be fun. It can be adjusted. At the end of the day, imperfect action is a whole heck of a lot better than perfect inaction.

Passivity often kills

If it’s important it’s worth fighting for. Regardless of whether feelings get hurt, uncomfortable conversations need to be had, or hard choices need to be made.

This is applicable to just about everything in life. 2020 has made this clearest for me in regards to living out my faith, standing for freedom, and my roll as a husband, father, and business owner.

Dump the head trash

I am 100% my worst critic. My head is my own worst enemy. I’ve also learned (over many years) that you will never please everyone. This year forced me to push through a lot of head trash.

Be anxious for nothing

I don’t believe in coincidences, odds, or luck.

I don’t believe a better procedure or medicine could have fixed my daughters heart or saved her life. I believe in a God who is in control, and causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him. Even when the sky appears to be falling. This year, next year, and for years to come.

I can rest on that.

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