Hold Onto That Liver!

It’s opening week for shotgun season here in MA which means freezers are filling.

But before you make any brash decisions about what becomes coyote bait and what comes home, I want to make a case for what often fails to make the cut.

Or if it does make it… fails to ever escape the freezer.

Who looks forward to eating a delicious meal of liver?

Not me.

If we’re being honest here… not me.

BUT I am the type of person who is willing to forgo comfort if I know it’s good for me. I look at liver kind of like taking gross tasting vitamins as a kid.

Except worse.

I know I’m not making a strong case… but if taste is an obstacle for you there are ways to make liver more palatable. Some people grind it into their hamburg and claim you would never notice it.

What I want to do right now is just make a case for why you SHOULD include more liver in your diet. The reasons were compelling enough for me to begin including it in a meal each week.

Starting next week


Believe it or not, liver is actually SO nutritious that you can eat too much of it (phew!).

A lot of people would consider it to be the most NUTRIENT DENSE food on the planet.

Imagine that.

Ahead of broccoli.

Ahead of spinach.

Ahead of organic fermented quinoa kale juice.

I’m not here to debate whether or not thats the case, but the fact that its in the discussion ought to perk your interest.


B vitamins, Vitamin A, Iron, copper, zinc, chromium, selenium, and CoQ10


Energy, brain health, mood, vision, skin health, heart, kidney and liver function, immune system strength, reducing inflammation, thyroid health, bone health, metabolism health, nervous system health, endocrine system health, detoxification, muscle building

Pretty much liver does everything.

There was even a guy named Gerson… who developed the “Gerson Protocol” which was basically a natural way to fight cancer, digestive issues, heart issues, and tuberculosis.

You can look that up on your own… but just know the protocol was heavily dependent upon liver.


How much liver…..

Different people say different things… but 100 grams (just under 4oz) every 1-2 weeks seems agreeable amongst most liver experts.


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