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About Driven Outdoor Performance


We Help outdoorsmen and women build strength, stamina, and shed unwanted body fat, enabling them to engage their outdoor pursuits with more fullness and without hesitation.

We provide our clients customized, all encompassing training and nutritional programs, while bringing personalized guidance and support every step of the way to ensure success.

We've helped thousands of others to lose weight, build strength, boost fitness, and to move and perform better than ever.


The Programs


Fuel and Fitness

*Our most popular option*

Custom workouts built for you to meet your individual goals and needs. 

Custom nutritional coaching to complete the picture.

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Everything Fitness

Just want to train? In this membership option I become your personal trainer. I personally provide the workouts, and the guidance to help you achieve your specific fitness goals.

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PT Live

Our highest level membership. Not only do we address training and nutrition, but this option comes with 1:1 zoom workouts as well. 

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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Real Results

Happy clients are sending me their before and after pictures all the time. Read what my satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with my fitness training methods and programs.


Dave Correia

Driven empowered me to get to my highschool weight and I have never felt better. Even when I slip up they are always there with new workouts, more nutrition advice, and best of all more encouragement. I can’t say enough about the service they provide, if you’ve never checked it out you really ought to!


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